Guide to Celebrating Spectacular New year in Spain

New Year’s Eve is no exception in Spain in terms of happy New Year celebrations. People here know how to have funand celebrate this special day. There is something for everyone in this joyous country whether you want to enjoy a lavish meal, party until dawn or join the crowds in main squares. Here are some of the best places to celebrate New Year in Spain and what can you expect from them.

Magnificent Madrid: Heart of Christmas Celebrations

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is most popular destination for Lunar New Year celebration. Main attraction of the city is Puerta del Sol where thousands of people gather every year to watch the clock strike midnight and eat traditional 12 grapes, one for each chime. This is simply fun and exciting way to welcome the happy New Year in Spanish way surrounded by confetti, streamers, music and laughter. After finishing 12 grapes people toast with cava with the sparkling Spanish wine and greet each other with happy New Year wish by saying feliz año nuevo in Spanish. The party continues in bars and clubs all over the city where you can dance like never before till your hearts content.

Since Madrid is quite busy and packed on New Year’s Eve you should plan soon and book your accommodation and transportation in advance if you want to celebrate in this wonderful city. You should also arrive early to Puerta Del Sol as the access here is limited and controlled by security. Alternatively, you can watch the countdown and New Year fireworks on big screen in other squares like Plaza de España or Plaza de Cybele’s.

You can also opt for a more relaxed and comfortable celebration at one of the hotels and restaurants that offer special menus and entertainment exclusively for New Year. Whatever you choose you will absolutely have an amazing time in Madrid.

Beautiful Barcelona: The Magic of Fountain

Another fantastic option to spend those happy New Year moments in Spain is Barcelona especially if you love art and culture. The city is famous for its contemporary archive cure like Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Ballot, all designed by very popular artist Antoni Gaudi. You can admire these and other sights during the day and then head to Plaza de España for amazing night view.

This is where the Magical Fountain of Montjuïc, a spectacular display of water, light, and music takes place. This fountain provides a perfect backdrop for the New Year’s Eve show which includes countdown, pyrotechnic show and performance on a big stage. This show is free and attracts thousands of viewers every year.

After the show you can join party at nearby bars and clubs or take the metro to other areas of the city such as Gothic Quarter, the Born or the Port. You can also enjoy a more intimate and elegant celebration in one of the hotels and restaurants that offer New Year’s Eve packages with dinner, grapes, cava and dancing. Rest assure for wonder New Year holidays and celebrations in Barcelona.

Ravishing Valencia: The City of Fireworks

Valencia is a city that loves fireworks and if it New Year than imagine how fascinating it is going to be. The city is famous for its Fallas festival which is a celebration of fire and art. It takes place in March and features huge sculptures that are eventually burned on the last night. You can get a taste & feel of this tradition on New Year when the city lights up with fireworks and bonfires.

The main spot for the celebration is Plaza del Ayuntamiento where a huge pyrotechnic show takes place at midnight followed by music and dancing. You can Alameda. Shout out the New Year wishes to people around you while enjoying the most amazing show of lifetime.
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Gorgeous Granada: The Charm of Alhambra

Granada offer silique setting for New Year’s Eve since it blends history, culture and nature perfectly. You can visit Alhambra during the day and admire its intricate architecture and gardens. Then head to Plaza del Carmen for the night celebration. The city hall is situated here where you’ll see a large clock that marks the countdown to New Year. You can also join locals and other tourists in eating 12 grapes, toasting with cava, making New Year resolution and wishing each other happy New Year or feliz año nuevo in Spanish.

After the show make sure you explore the nightlife of the city especially in Alberici. It is the old Moorish quarter where you will find bars, clubs and flamenco shows.

How to Apply for Spain Visa

If you are planning to visit Spain for happy New Year 2023 Eve and other celebrations you will need a valid visa. Spain is part of Schengen Area which is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished border controls and shares a common visa policy. You will need to apply for a valid Spain tourist visa from UK if you are not a UK citizen and living here with a Residency permit.

To apply for Spanish visa you will need to provide some documents such as passport, colored photo, travel insurance, proof of round trip flight reservation, hotel booking, and proof of financial means. You will also need to pay visa fees which varies depending on the type of Spain visa UK and the service provider.

If you want to make your Spain visa from UK application easier and faster, you can use the services of visa travel club which is a reliable and professional platform that offers personalized Spain visa appointment services for a quick visa approval.


Spain is undoubtedly a wonderful destination to spend your New Year holidays as it offers a variety of celebrations, traditions and attractions. From traditional champagne to vibrant parties, music, tempting food and several events there is a lot that makes Spain a Party-perfect place. You just need to choose your preferred location, book your accommodation and transportation and apply for your Spain visa for perfect celebration. And don’t forget to bring the best New Year outfits to take back some amazing pictures back home. Happy New Year, or feliz año nuevo in Spanish!


What are the New Year traditions followed in Spain?

You will not find traditional merrymaking followed in Spain anywhere else in the world. Some of the other traditions include popping grapes, eating lenticels, putting right leg first, wearing red under garments, square dancing, raising a cava toast and having hot chocolate and churros.

What documents do I need to apply for Spain visa?

You need to submit the following documents for your Spain visa application approval.

  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Valid passport
  3. UK Residence Permit
  4. Previous passport copies (IF ANY)
  5. Cover letter
  6. Proof of accommodation
  7. Flight reservation proof (Return tickets as well)
  8. Financial Proof (Employed, Self-Employed or unemployed)
  9. Travel Insurance

Authorized Invitation letter (If invited to Spain by a friend or family member)

How to Book Appointment for Spain Visa from UK?

A. If you want to go to Spain to celebrate this New Year you must first secure a visa appointment. Described below is our convenient and easy to understand appointment process:

  1. Visit our website: and complete the online Spain visa form with all your details and pay the nominal fee to proceed for reserving an express appointment slot at BLS visa center.
  2. One of our experts will get in touch with you, will ask you for your preferred date and time of appointment and will book fast-track visa appointment for you and also check your required documents.
  3. When you visit the BLS visa center, you will be accompanied by one of our executive to expedite the appointment process and he will assist you in submitting your biometric information like fingerprints and digital photo, where you wouldn’t have to wait in long queues unless handling the process yourself.

Pay the BLS fee using your card at the time of appointment and you will get the passport back in few days via courier.

What is the waiting time for Spanish visa?

Spain visa processing time depends on Nationalities and type of visa you are applying, like whether you are applying for long stay or short stay visa. Generally Short Stay visa processing time ranges between 7-8 working days and long stay Spanish visa UK takes around 8-15 working days. For some nationalities it may take around 15 days time. Get in touch with us to know more about it in detail.

How long does Spain visa last?

Validity of Spain visa England, UK depends on several factors like whether you are applying for the first time or you already had multiple Schengen visas in the past. Spain generally gives visa for 3 months to 2 years or even more but maximum time that you can stay will be 90 days in single trip