Your Spain visa application will have a processing time of 15 calendar days. However, there are some cases where you might need to wait more than 15 days to receive feedback. In extreme cases, you'll need to wait 30 - 60 days

To apply for a Spain visa follow the steps given below: 1.Fill in the right visa application form. 2.Collect the required documents. 3.Make a visa appointment. 4.Attend the visa interview and submit your biometrics. 5.Pay the visa fee. 6.After you complete all these steps, you shall wait for the processing of your visa. You will receive an answer to your application, as soon as the processing is completed.

These and your residency permit can be valid for up to five years - initially as a temporary permit. After five years you can apply for a renewable 10-year permanent residency.

Entire visa process takes 10-15 working days, and you can also get express service, which provides Spain visa.

Yes. You can appeal - although the reversal of a decision is rare. provides a full refund on travel insurance should your visa application be denied.

Taking Security deposit and then issuing a visa depends upon the nationality info, if your nationality falls into the list of security deposit eligibility list, then you need to provide security deposit which is refundable.